Temporary Information Centre by Odile& Guzy architectes

Odile + Guzy architectes have designed Temporary Information Centre in Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France.

The construction of the Temporary Information Centre, open in May 2012, constitutes part of the operation to restore the maritime character of the Mont Saint Michel.

Odile + Guzy architectes have designed and constructed the project only in 5 months, using prefabricated modules.

The project combines closed functional volumes with open outdoor spaces bounded together by a wooden deck raised above ground level. Inspired by the organisation of neighbouring farmyards, the buildings are grouped around an open central space punctuated by the apple trees.

The first building houses the main reception desk and exhibition space. Second and third buildings house office space, staff and public facilities.

The building is expected to remain on site for a period of one year pending final adjustments of future permanent buildings.

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