Tent London; The Place Of Spectacular Designs

Tent London which is in the centre of London Design Festival is known for presenting extraordinary products from independent designers and undiscovered talent.

Spectacular installations from countries, inspirational talks and presentations make Tent London be the largest and most popular event of London Design Festival.

Tent London will bring together over 200 companies from 25 countries, 8 gallery shows and 40 super global brands present a vast and diverse range of furniture, lighting and interior products for over 20,000 visitors to feast on.

Let’s look at the eight great gren designs at Tent London taking place September 19-22 at the Old Truman Brewery on Hanbury Street this year.

Re-Born Lighting by Y Studio


Y-Studio, organizing and re-building products considered as outdated aims to make them be in modern times by giving those products a new stylish aesthetic and transforms a camera into a modern lamp.

(Image http://cargocollective.com/ystudio/Reborn-001)

Upcycled Ceramics by Melody Rose


Melody Rose is the design of the Canadian-born designer Melanie Roseveare. The designer who started her career in global marketing in Diageo created Upcycled Ceramics by her interest on green issues and social change and re-designing vintage pieces. Vintage ceramics regenerate by a new touch

(Image: http://melodyrose.co.uk/)

P.E.A.D not DEAD by Bernardita Marambio Design Studio

aol-tent-london-pead-not-dead-01 aol-tent-london-pead-not-dead-02 aol-tent-london-pead-not-dead-03 aol-tent-london-pead-not-dead-04

Bernardita Marambio Design Studio emphasizes the use and redemption of various manufacturing techniques as well as the use of different materials. P.E.A.D not DEAD is an experimental process for manufacturing vases made from High Density Polyethylene (LDPE or HDPE) sourced from recycled shampoo and shower gel bottles.

(Image: http://www.bernarditamarambio.cl/P-E-A-D-not-dead)

Genovesa by Galapagos


A gorgeous line of chairs rescued from a golf club in Manchester.

(Image: http://www.galapagosdesigns.com/)

Hand-woven Baskets by Alison Fitzgerald


Noticing the long, slender, brightly colored willow stems on the shores of Lough Neagh and being inspired by their lightness, beauty and pliability, the designer created these hand-woven baskets by using sustainable techniques and materials.

(Image: http://greenwoodbaskets.co.uk/)

Jelly Bowl Lantern by Madeline Boulesteix


Madeline Boulesteix transforms traditional kitchen products into sumptuous decorations with the idea of making something opulent like chandliers out of humble objects. Jelly bowl is made from a jelly mould, pastry tins, cutlery and glass drops.

(Image: http://inhabitat.com/8-great-green-designs-coming-to-tent-london-2013-at-the-london-design-festival/)

Eroded Stools by I M Lab


The Eroded Series designed by Alessandro Isola and Supriya Mankad, is a range of objects that have been inspired by the natural process of erosion makes cork blocks be not only a comfortable seating surface but a convenient magazine holder.

(Image: http://imlab.co.uk/)

Icons Of The Everyday” Coffee Table by Kate Noakes


Kate Noakes recycles, redesigns and reconditions furniture to extend its life. Each piece is reinvented using metal inlaid with gesso and pigment.

(Image: http://www.katenoakes.com/)


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