Tezuka’s Candy Sculptures

Shinri Tezuka who is just 27 years old is one of the last representatives of the art ‘Amezaiku’ (candy sculture)which is about to be disappeared.

Shinri Tezuka had to do self-taught because there hasn’t been anyone to teachhim how it should be done, and adds that there is no school to teach that technique.

Tezuka who runs a shop named Asakusa Amezaiku Ameshin tells the process that he experience during sculpturing:

aol-shinra-tezuka- (1)

“When you get the softened candy, you have just 5 minutes to form it. That is why being fast is the most important element during the design. Because after 5 minutes, candy starts to harden. Maybe this is the reason of this art’s beingso powerful.”

Shinri Tezuka’s most famous designs are goldfish, frog, tiger, dragon and figures like that. Tezuka also loves his job and regards himself as one of the people who try to survive the Japanese culture. Please look at the artist’s Instagram and watch the related video below.

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