The Abyss Table

“And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”-Friedrich Nietzsche.

If you have acrophobia, we highly recommend you not to look into this coffee table for a long time!

aol-the-abyss-table-duffy-london (3)

Like all of Duffy’s designs, the Abyss Table is a conversation piece as much as a functional one. But while previous works play with gravity, this new design is concerned with depth, and creates a geological cross-section as mesmerising as the sea.

Materials: High grade wood from Forest Stewardship Council managed forests and other controlled sources, glass.
Dimensions: (L)160cm (W)80cm (H)46cm

aol-the-abyss-table-duffy-london (2)  aol-the-abyss-table-duffy-london (5) aol-the-abyss-table-duffy-london (6) aol-the-abyss-table-duffy-london (7)

For further information about the product, please click here.

Design: Christopher Duffy – Duffy London

Images: Duffy London

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