THE ACT IS BEAUTY; Space, memory and senses

Photography artist Dilek Öztürk presents her first solo exhibition “The Act is Beauty” where she focuses on the traces based on senses and memory of the spatial experience. The opening coctail will be on 25th of March at 19:00 at RenArt Gallery.


The physical environment leaves traces on our senses and memory.

“The act is beauty” focuses on the traces based on senses and the memory of the spatial experience. The photographer keeps on searching for an aesthetic that arouse a feeling of sameness in different cities of the world, both in a coincidental and fictional way.

Dilek Öztürk personalizes her own spatial experience and puts herself within the urban texture. This continous behaviour within the serie is based on the drive of breaking or building an order in the space by touching it. The color, scale and the similarity concept in the space follows eachother in different references in different cities. The project finds itself in a spot where the interaction between the body, imagination and environment finally creates a retention in the space.


The solitude feeling of an ordinary social house’s roof continues with the façade of an army building from Stalin era in Czech Republic. This aesthetic follows with sterility of a steel constructed metro in Sweden and then a prefabricated industrial building. The solitude feeling is broken in Istanbul with a serie of chimney lined up with a monumental aesthetic.

The coincidental and fictional flow of the project turns into a guerilla movement with entering public and private spaces without authorisation, setting up a tripod and shooting herself with self timer. This situation also inspires the name of the project: The act is beauty.


“The Act is Beauty” can be visited at RenArt Gallery Nisantasi from March 25 to April 20.

Dilek Öztürk is born in 1983, in İstanbul, Turkey. After graduating from the Architecture Faculity of Yıldız Techical University, she had her MFA Degree in Visual Communication Design at İstanbul Bilgi University in 2010. During her master, she studied at Libéra Universita di Bolzano / Art and Design Faculity between 2008-2009.

Dilek Öztürk’s photographic works are based on the skin, space and the tactile. These work continue with a search of an aesthetic shifting between time, space, memories and feelings, as well as comparison and similarity.

1983, İstanbul born artist’s works have been exhibited at ArtBasel Miami, Gallery New York, santralistanbul, RenArt, MIXER and Lomography Gallery İstanbul. She has been featured Elle Turkey, Trendsetter, Definitive Touch Magazine, Architectural Review, Design You Trust, XOXO The Mag and Cumhuriyet Newspaper.She currently lives and works in İstanbul as a writer, academician and photographer.

Solo Exhibitions
March 2014 – “The Act is Beauty-Space, memory and seses”, RenArt Gallery, Istanbul
Group Exhibitions
January 2014 – “How coincidental is the coincidence?”, Lomography Gallery Istanbul
December 2013 – Scope Art Fair Miami ArtBasel, Miami
October 2013 – “Kayıt” MİXER Arts, İstanbul
September 2013 – “Rehearsal III: We are still here!” RenArt Galery, Istanbul
July 2013 – “Exposure Awards 2013”, New York
March 2013 – “Vadim O Kadar Yeşildi Ki” CKSM, Istanbul
October 2012 – “The Newcomers VII-Seasen Premier” Edisyon, Istanbul
Mart 2011 – TRACK Audio Visual Photograhy Exhibition, Ankara
Haziran 2009 – “Moleskine Detour Exhibition”, santralistanbul

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