The Best Decoration Ideas Made From Wooden Crates

You have got lots of materials waiting to be thrown away is in the storages or garages. But think for a while before throwing them away. There are a lot of decoration ideas that can be made from unused and old materials…

As Architecture of Life, we have searched for decorative bookcases, furniture and coffee table ideas made from crates (ordinary wooden crates). You can create new decorations, you can enjoy during the creation period and bring a warm atmosphere to your houses.

You can put your shoes in these shoe racks and it will be easy to keep your room tidy. Furthermore, it will bring an authentic atmosphere.


What about these ones that can be used in the terraces, balconies or kitchens? 

aol-wooden-crates-furniture-design-02 aol-wooden-crates-furniture-design-03 aol-wooden-crates-furniture-design-04

It will be enjoyable to make your own bookcase that will be suitable for your books and other materials.

aol-wooden-crates-furniture-design-05 aol-wooden-crates-furniture-design-06 aol-wooden-crates-furniture-design-07 aol-wooden-crates-furniture-design-08

Coffe table made from wooden crates? Moreover, you can use it as a coffee table and you can put newspapers, magazines, books or trinkets in it.



Images: handimania

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