The Biggest Valentine’s Day Gift

If you want to marry, you can make marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day and surprise her. Valentine’s Day is the best day, isn’t it?

As Architecture of Life, we would like to share with you the most interesting, memorable and beautiful marriage proposal ideas.

After all, if it is possible, we highly recommend you to use a camera or a video recorder during your proposal. So, no matter how many years go by, your proposal will be vivid and new.

For those who want to make public proposal:
1. You may advertise your proposal at the newspaper or magazine that your partner follow.
2. If you will travel by plane that day, you may talk to the crew before getting on the plane, they will announce your proposal.
3. If you go out for dinner or dance, you can make your proposal in front of the other people with your song, drinks and confetti- do not forget to share your idea with the waiter.

For those who want to make proposal at home:
1. Switch off all the lights. Put your engagement ring and your note in the middle of the living room or bedroom. Put heart-shaped candles around them and wait.
2. You can prepare a short trip with your photos, poems and notes at home. You are recommended to wait at the last station with engagement ring.
3. You can write your proposal and put it in the bookend’s place, on the computer monitor or fridge.

For those who want to be thoughtful:
1. Write your proposal with stickers glowing in the dark on the ceiling. When it is time to bed, enjoy the excitement.
2. You go out for Valentine’s Day shopping, while she is looking at something, say “Why don’t you try this one?” and give the engagement ring.
3. Make her wear engagement ring while she is sleping. Prepare a romantic breakfast tray and wait. When she gets up, she will think that breakfast is the Valentine’s Day surprise. When she notice the ring, present the real surprise.

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