The Colorful World of Edward van Vliet

Edward van Vliet  uses colors to keep his creativity alive. While designing furniture, lightings, textile and 2D other works, he combines different production methods with new materials and colors. You could find our interview with him about his design approach, motivations and new projects below. Enjot it!

When I see your products or patterns or graphics etc., I can say that you have a colorful world…

Colors make everything alive, with colors one can communicate. The idea is the mix of patterns/structures in strong color combinations. I always try to find the right balance, certain patterns ask for certain color combinations. Not everything works, you have to make the precise selections…
From patterns to 3D interior products… what is the difference between them in design process?

For me the difference is that you work in the second and third dimension, but in mentality it is the same. In both dimensions you work with measurements, shapes and colors. Further I work with layers in order to create several dimensions in my work…


What moves you to create?

The most important thing that moves me it’s the story behind the design. I try to tell a story with a combination of different disciplines (textiles, lighting, furniture and environment). My aim is to let those disciplines communicate in a certain way, a way that surprises and inspires the spectator.
What would you like the users to say about the places you designed?

A good and inspiring interior design is about the experience you get. This experience has to be so strong that as a visitor you are extremely attracted and touched in a positive way. You have to feel that you are part of the story and you have to feel very comfortable in and with it.
You congregate different materials in your products… What is the meaning of material for you when you design?

With different materials and combinations of materials you can direct the hardness with the softness of a space… for me textiles are always part of the interior to make the interior more lively. Textiles used in the right balance with harder materials get their expression and feeling what they deserve.


‘Traditional design approach, national materials and innovative techniques’… Could you tell us the combination through one of your project?

I believe in the global approach, combinations of materials and influences chosen out of different cultures. Also the combination of industrial techniques and hand craft. For instance the Odette Odile for Italamp is made out of biscuit porcelain, leather and Swarovski crystals. The design has its influences from old Russia, Istanbul and India.


Is there a new project?

For the Paola Lenti I designed a swinging bench and it will be presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan this April. Besides that, the mosaic patterns I created for Bisazza will be part of the presentation in Milan.

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