The concept reaches your stomach Food Creation

Ayako Suwa  is a food artist. After graduating from Kanazawa College of Art, she started the works of ‘Food Creation’ in 2006. 
Her career as the food artist began with an exhibition, ‘Sensuous Food, Emotional Taste’, held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in 2008 when Ritsuko Takahashi was the curator.

A series of edible art work, ‘Sensuous Food, Emotional Taste’, was created by the combination of complicated ingredients and expressed various feelings and emotion of human beings.

Food Creation, which reaches to your stomach, established the distinctive style of ‘conceptual food’ in which food is treated as an ultimate communication tool.

The concept spreads not through only the taste but also the sense by created the situation associated with your ‘eating’ . 
In its approach, food gains a new value that is not gastronomy nor a nutrient source nor an energy source.

We eat something every day.
The purpose is to enjoy a taste or satisfy hunger.
Ayako Suwa who created the theme ‘The concept reaches your stomach’ doesn’t fit the destination above. It is ‘appetite’ that leads to her expression.

The concept spreads through our whole physical self through eaten.
Many food creators value the two elements – the appearance and taste of the cooking, however, Ayako Suwa values the ‘Dining situation’ when it is eaten.
 The focal point of her works is simulation of the sense, though the appearance of her work is interesting.
In fact, she will suggest how to associate the situation with ‘eating’.

Different conceptual events are organized in collaboration with different professionals (a company and a brand). Such as conceptual food performance and installation in a party and an event, advertisement production and producing a food product, a menu, a restaurant and bar.

For more about exhibitions and performances in Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo you could visit her web site .

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