The Design From Volcano To Living Places; Clay Table

It is possible to see the natural and simple designs in all the design events, fairs and exhibitions; so this means the trend is designing and using these types of ones. The designs made from natural materials and easy to recycle are the favourites for most of the people.

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As Architecture of Life team, we have been seaching the latest and best designs with you. Perfect blend of beauty and proportions harmony, “Clay Table” designed by Marc Krusin for Desalto is an object with a pure aesthetics and capable of defining the space where it is placed with its own pronounced personality.

Clay is a table-sculpture born from the encouter between two volumes: the top and the base balanced one on the other, a daring experiment in resting on a section reduced to a minimum. The special lava stone finishing applied manually by a broad knife gives an idea of naturalness and is also ideal for outdoor areas, where creates suggestive atmospheres.

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Table with base in rigid polyurethane available in white and graphite colours, glossy or matt, or in the special lava stone finish spread by hand using a broad knife.Tops in toughened glass 8 mm white or graphite in glossy or matt versions, ceramic 6 mm in the following colours: white calce, asphalt or lava, in MDF or glass covered with lava stone paste. The version with top in ceramic or glass covered with lava stone is suitable also for outdoor.

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