The Designer who Went Exploring the ‘New:’ Sadi Tekin

Sadi Tekin , product designer and illustrator. He spent many years drawing comics. Currently, while he continues his project based works, he also focuses on his personal projects; those that make you smile with the words ‘heh, Sadi…’ on your lips. Some of his works have no classification and therefore have no limitation. Sipsi the Cat is one of those without a limit…

For more detailed information on Sadi Tekin we recommend that you check our interview.

If you ask for at least who he is, I can summarize him thus: A designer who is always enthutiastic about new ideas; who acts to discover and observe new places, streets, people and expressions and who takes the steps that some of us are afraid to take without fear. According to him, doing the same things and saying the same words is the greatest sin!

Where and how does life go on?

I live in New York. We are working on the production of one of my designs. Let me give you some hints; this is a women’s purse and is actually a very new idea that every woman feels the need for in her daily life. We are close to the end; very soon, we will share it with you.

What made you move to New York?

What didn’t happen? It was June of 2012 when I decided to move and what’s going on in the motherland since then shows that I decided correctly. Other than that, I always had this program inside me about living abroad running in the background, with this, it became active. Going to new places, new streets, new people, new expressions… A human being should not always be in the same place, do the same things, say the same words; this is the greatest sin for me!

Were there any problems, troubles during the first stages of the moving process?

I can’t say there were. I was generally lucky. Your motivation towards your target also matters. Someone else in my place could have got‘homesick’ in this much time.

What do you want to say about ‘Sipsi’ in the streets of New York? You effectively visualize the moments of daily life with Sipsi’s tongue and his adventures in NY are wondered about. Will we see him anywhere else?

Sipsi used to walk around with me in Turkey. Of course, we walk around here together, too. I immediately draw Sipsi on my Iphone photos and share it. We have great fun together. Currenty, I share Sipsi’s adventures in Facebook  and Instagram. We are currently working on a photography app for the iphone, and it will hit the market soon.

I have ideas like having him published in a periodical magazine, having his game, toy, products manufactured. We are moving in this direction. Obviously, our followers’ feedbacks will also affect our way.

Is the cat in ‘A cup of water, please?’ Sipsi?

I can say it’s the starting point of Sipsi. There was another cat I drew in 2010 for ICAF Film Festival. These cats evolved into Sipsi in time.

What are in Pick me’s collections? How can we reach your products?

Pick Me! is a happiness project; it started as jewelry and is moving towards desktop objects, home-office accessories. Last year, ‘İstanbul’un Gölgeleri (İstanbul’s Shadows)’ coaster set was exhibited in ‘Destination İstanbul’ in MoMA.

Of course, this movement to NY put Pick Me! in a bit of a pause. There are no selling points in Turkey at the moment. Maybe later it might somehow return to Turkey with new designs, online sales or distributorship.

What’s next?

Actually we are leaning on the purse project with a very high motivation at the moment. Also I have a few exhibition ideas that I’m chasing. And on the other hand I work on a few product-illustration hybrid ideas.

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