The Easiest Cooking: ChopChop

Dirk Biotto… Industrial designer… Responsive to the social issues…

Biotto is an artist believing the hidden and inconspicuous interaction between people and objects.
ChopChop is the result of a sensitive approach and a different perspective. ChopChop is a set allowing people to cook more easily. Cooking is maybe one of the most normal and ordinary things in the world but within a closer look, it is more difficult and exhausting for elderly and disabled people than for the young and quick ones.

The set is a practical and nice one which was designed carefully and beautifully for easy-cooking by the disabled, elderly or even not disabled people.

Before you start cooking your favorite meal ChopChop offers the opportunity to individualize the kitchen counter the way you like and need it most. The frame with its interlocking steel tubes allows you to adjust ChopChops height to fit your own body height perfectly. The perforated backplate of-fers plenty of space to hang your mostly used kitchen utensils onto bended steel elements which are easily screwed into the back with wing bolts, to keep them visible, easy accessible and ready to use whenever you need them.


A storage area right to the beginning allows you to collect and store all the different things you need at one place: doubled and long ways within your kitchen room to get everything needed become now unnecessary which is helpful especially for people with a restricted mobility. After gathering to-gether all the kitchen utensils and ingredients you may have to wash some of the things or fill some pots with water. Due to their age especially elderly people loose some of their strength, so carrying heavy objects around the kitchen for example onto the stove become quite hard for them.The extendable hose allows you to fill up your vessels wherever you need them without heavy lifting or carrying.

If you decide to use the sink for filling up the vessels one sloping side allows you to pull out easily the heavy objects onto the working surface.Two laser-cut steel plates cover the sink if you do not use it generating additional storage space or an area to drain your freshly washed kitchenware.
ChopChop provides its user with an embed grater allowing her or him to use it without the problems of holding it in place. For different grating results you can exchange the embed grate easily which also allows you to clean it properly. In an underneath located drawer all the grated vegetables and fruits are collected, ready to use in your ongoing cooking process.If you want to use your ingredients for example only sliced or cut in half but have trouble holding and cutting it at the same time a grid – inspired by woodworking benches – gives you the opportuni-ty to fix your ingredient with steel bolts and keep it in place while you are cutting. The grid also provides a slide-up possibility to equip it with an additional knife with an extra big grip to handle vegetables and fruits which are hard to cut.

A vice for holding and securing your bottles, jars and tins so that you are able to open them comple-tes ChopChop. After preparing, washing, grating, cutting, slicing and opening all your ingredients you needed for your favorite dish you are now finally able to put everything together onto the stove.

Frame: Steel
Wood: Alder (Alder is the best choice because of its natural tannins which inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs in for example furrows on the working surface which arise while cutting the ingredients.)s

9_140507_ChopChop_Frontview_Cut 7_140507_ChopChop_CloseUp_Bread 6_140507_ChopChop_CloseUp_Sink 5_140507_ChopChop_CloseUp_Hose 4_140507_ChopChop_CloseUp_Backplate 3_140507_ChopChop_Module_2 2_140507_ChopChop_Module_1 1_140507_ChopChop_Frontview

Images: Dirk Biotto

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