The Fuse is Already Lit…

You could find below the Book of Reality, which is designed by Kunter Şekercioğlu through the Carl Sagan’s words.

Books are written, drawn upon, read, and tossed away… Suddenly, a line gets remembered and the cover of one gathering dust in the library gets once again opened. Each book has a different value, an idea it symbolizes and wants to tell about. The reason for its existence gives it life and delivers it to humankind. No matter how much you try to stop it, the fuse is already lit… The bomb will explode and seep into our veins, no matter what. It will set some of us asleep and wake some of us.
A book is a labor, a history, a human, a life, a foresight. And caring about a book and reading it is an expression of respect to all its values. Because of the reasons above and many other personal interpretations, the book is powerful and this power has become an inspiration for different professions. Designers, artists, painters all thought of the book as a communications device for ‘themselves.’

Dutch artist Job Koelewijn , in his work Sanctuary matches fuel with the books that he thinks as a material that we use daily. He creates a fuel station out of book covers to express our obsession of consumption. With this installation, while he makes a reference to renewable energy alternatives studies of green and environmental technologies, he also makes us question what a book means to us. Sanctuary, where he visualizes the end of both books and oil in the near future brought many prestigious awards to Koelewijn.


Koelewijn, in his work titled Untitled which he designed with a reference from the permanence and infinity of writing, wants to express the cycle of art with an infinity symbol of books and words. For him, the art is an endless performance…


Johan Hybschmann  got his inspiration for his Book of Space project from the movie Russian Ark which takes place in Winter Palace, which is a timeless place. In the movie, you can pass through decades by passing to a different room; just like the book designed by Hybschmann. Each time a user turns a page, he sees cities, buildings and humans of different shades intersect and move with the characters.

Spanish artist Alicia Martin  is one of those that interpret the book differently. When you see her installations, you notice the dynamism. In each different work, she presents us with a different interpretation of the book; which sometimes can be the invasive, supportive or rebellious qualities of the book.


Mike Stilkey  who was born in Los Angeles, enjoys painting and drawing on old papers, book covers and pages. Color pencils, paints and inks are very valuable for him. Anyone who sees his works can easily seep into the loss, excitement, mystery he wanted to create. His enjoyable works are exhibited in different places of the world.

BARBAR Independent Design Initiative which is founded by 18 designers from different design disciplines met with us last year in Istanbul Design Week with their The Barbar Book exhibition. Each designer interpreted the invasion loving property of the book. Each book interpretation was created from SLS – a technological material – using prototype devices. While the technological conveniences of the material surprised everyone, it also created the feeling of touching. You could find below, Book of Reality, designed by Kunter Şekercioğlu  through one of Carl Sagan’s word.


The book’s, the book’s concept’s, the writing’s effects are always great… With the hope that there will be no breaks in passing through of this effect from generation to generation and technology will affect this sharing positively…

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