The Güiro Art Bar Installation by Los Carpinteros

Cuban artists Dagoberto Rodríguez Sánchez and Alexandre Arrechea Jesus Zambrano of Los Carpinteroscreated the Güiro art bar commissioned by Absolut Art Bureau for the 2012 Art Basel Miami Beachshow.

The slatted oval-shaped building will be lit from within, emphasizing its grid structure and making it a glowing beacon of light in the surrounding area. The rectangular openings in the slatted walls function as seating for visitors, while a centrally positioned circular bar will serve a range of cocktails.

The Güiro has been designed with the purpose of bartenders to have an absolute panoptic overview of the whole space, linking this newly created structure with previous works in which Los Carpinteros have investigated issues of surveillance and power.

The title of the work, Güiro, is the name of a traditional Cuban percussion instrument made from the shell of a dried tropical fruit. This dried fruit has also had many other functions within Cuban culture, as a container for food, and as a drinking vessel. The word Güiro is also a word used in Cuban slang to connote a party.

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