The Heat You Make Me Feel

At first sight, this little box with a rainbow tail could be anything -a lamp, a decor, a paperweight, even a postmodern nuclear powered Nyan Cat! It could be anything… except a scientific device… or no?

Designed by  Robb Godshaw, the Cryoscope is a haptic weathervane that makes you feel the temperature out of your door or at any other spot…

The big secret of this little fella is an effect that takes his name from his inventor Jean Peltier, the Peltier Effect. And this characteristic of this effect helps the  Cryoscope to give its user the feeling of heat at a desired degree in between short periods of time in a cheaper way.


Making it work is as simple as it looks. All you need is to input the zip code of your current location (or a point B) with your cell phone or computer and then…

That’s all!

From now on, your  Cryoscope will make you feel the actual temperature of that spot whever you touch it. Extremely simple and functional! Also -with the LEDs on the bottom- you can easily see that if the weather is like a Hellish red or icy blue!

Despite of the ancient methods to determine the temperature of the outdoors manually, it is definite that the Cryoscope will appear in a very innocent and pure look in our homes and office…

Cryoscope fromRobb Godshaw onVimeo.

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