The House Z by José Antonio Sosa Díaz-Saavedra

The House Z is designed by José Antonio Sosa Díaz-Saavedra of NRED Arquitectos, in Spain.

This two-terrace house with a pool stands on the ground, like a zigzag. With a construction closer to a water reservoir or agricultural terracing rather than a residential structure, the two-terrace plan is preferred because of the topography and slope.

The house creates the view of a rectangular frames with it’s parallel ribbons with different heights.

The zig-zag cut defines the façade (which is only closed by glass) and latticework: wooden in the ventilation openings and concrete in the patios.

Exterior of the house defines the shapes of the interiors.

In the Z House, extreme simplicity of the tubular spaces that end completely glazed and frames the surrounding views.

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