The iPhone Lens Dial Case

We really do not know whether if there is some kind of an addiction about taking photos in scientific literature. But within these years, after the great success of the smart phones, nearly everyone has got a masterpiece of his/her own. Plus, there are lots of gadgets and improvements on such devices. Just like this one, seems like a replica of a Phoropter though, The iPhone Lens Dial case is ready to help you to capture your own one-of a kind photo…


Having a multi-lens set of a fisheye (.33x, a wide angle (.7x), a telephoto (1.5x) and a bonus macro lens (for <2cm) on the iPhone 5/5s version, all wrapped up in a slim aircraft-grade aluminum case. The case also has two tripod mounts for portrait or landscape shots. Weighs around 300 gr, all you have to do is to switch between lenses by rotating the disc!

Have fun!
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AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_11 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_09 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_08 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_07 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_06 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_05 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_04 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_03 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_02 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_01 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_12 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_13 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_15 AOL_iPhone_Camera_Lens_Dial_Case_16



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