The Life Circle by Tuomas Markunpoika

GOODESIGN 2015 – THE NATURAL CIRCLE by Tuomas Markunpoika has been shown at Salone del Mobile 2015 is expressed in the dialogue between nature and technology, with a poetic and creative vision. Looking after and taking care of the world where we live and the legacy that we have as a responsibility is a gesture of attention that should be part of our daily life.

A conscious and aware design of product life cycle is a possible way to responsibly manage the processes of production, distribution and consumption.

In a context where it is necessary to rethink the relationship between man and nature, the exhibition highlights good examples in order to describe how design has a crucial role to play in spreading positive models and forms of behaviour: how to redevelop industrial processes in an eco-friendly way, introduce product life cycles without generating waste, using recyclable materials and components, producing long-lasting objects that can be disassembled and managing their reuse.

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