The Modern Era: Cocoon Tower, Tokyo

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower in Tokyo is a school with the capacity of 10.000 students. This functional and eye-catching building is a nice example of aesthetic and efficient usage of tight spaces. Cocoon Tower, named after its shape, brings a new approach to the architecture on educational complexes.

Mode Gakun Cocoon Tower is located in Nishi-Shinjuku where skyscrapers show off and hosts 3 vocational schools. The building completed in 2008 by Tange Associates Architects is elliptical like a cocoon and covered with diagonal lines. Students would grow, develop and thus, transform themselves inside this building; this released the idea of cocoon. Well, of course, it’s a vertical cocoon in Tokyo which has troubles with empty space…

The floor plan of skyscrapper school is quite simple and straightforward. 3 rectangular classrooms around the middle-core area which contains elevator and stairs continues in the same systematic way throughout the 50 floors. Unlike the typical campuses, the limited floor space encouraged the designer Tange Associates to design a new type of educational space; yet spatial necessities made them come up with creative solutions.

The places for socialization or”canteen”, Student Lounges located between classrooms are 3 floors high. Every floor has 3 of them facing east, southwest and northwest. These lounges overlooking the city offers students refreshing areas to have a rest. Here, the students communicate with each other, comfortable and creative thinking to work makes it possible to talk about an inspiration. Here is an inspiration that ensures comfortable communication among students and creative thinking and working. We can also call it as a new generation schoolyard…

The elliptical shape of the building settled on a narrow ground offers more space on middle floors and uninterrupted view of the sky on upper floors. Cocoon Tower that inspires the urban architecture stands out with its different solutions for designing social spaces.

More info about the building:

Project Name: Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

Design: Tange Associates Architects

Completion date: October 15, 2008

Construction type: Skyscraper

Structural material: Steel

Facade material: Aluminum

Facade system: Curtain wall

Architectural style: Deconstructivism

Height: 203.65 meters

Total floor area: 80,865.42 square meters

Number of floors: 50

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Building Type: Vocational School

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