The Most Creative Children Furniture

The needs of children are much more different than adults. The furniture for kids should be comfortable, seem sweet, contain soft lines and be suitable for children’s nature.

As Architecture of Life, we have chosen the best nursery furniture pieces seem sweet while meeting their needs.

Little Helpers by Elena Nunziata Design

These pieces of furniture designed by Elena Nunziata Design presents what contemporary families want to give their children. These pieces make the children want to tidy their rooms. The result is a set of five pieces that play a game between memories and ambiguity through a narrative that stimulates the child‘s power of imagination


Paddy Long
Paddy Long

The knobs are clearly eyes but an endless narrative of them staring and following the user is enhanced by the ability to slide from side to side for all of the hooks. Paddy Long is a redesign of the most common known rail coat for nurseries. A funny piece of furniture for those who are children and have been children for ages!

Paddy Tall
Paddy Tall

At the same time its bent rods and the narrative behind the design allows children to make the best use of it while growing up. Different heights mean different perspectives and the possibility to reach new levels of engagement over time.

Paddy Short
Paddy Short

The small and tilted rods intersect the whole length of the central pole in Paddy Short, allowing users to pull and push them according to one’s needs.


Melvin the magic bedside table becomes a useful and desirable piece of furniture. The eye-shaped discs unveil a soft diffused light when opened and shuts off when they are back in the original position. A big aperture allows to store teddy bears and books kept safe alongside the day. When your child get up, it is high time for Melvin to close its eyes!


Charlie is best known as the ‘dirty clothes eater’ Parents and children can easily check on Charlie’s appetite by controlling how much his belly grows. You will forget to say “Please put your dirty clothes in the bin.”

Images : Elena Nunziata

Ottawa by Made Design

Every child should make exercises that will improve the child’s craft and intellectual skills whether he/she goes to school or not. An enjoyable design which let children make exercises:






Toronto by Made Design

These comfortable seats’ heights can be set by removing its pieces. They are made from 100% recycled and non-toxic materials( cork and foam).






Images: Made Design

Comfortable Furniture by Rafa Kids

F-Bunk Bed: More than just a bed…F-Bunk Bed

R Toddler Bed: Playful, modern, functional

F&R Bed: For those sharing their room with sibling

A Teen Bed: For the teenagers who you always regard as children

F&A Bed: For teenagers sharing their room with a little sibling

Images: RAFA Kids

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