The Mountain house in Pyrenees by Cadaval& Solà-Morales

This simply amazing house in Canejan, Valle de Aran (Spain), is build by Eduardo Cadaval& Clara Solà-Morales architecture.

The house is located in Pyrenees, in between the mountains. Feels like a bird nest, it is a challenging project for the architects, not only keeping the original integrity of the home intact but also maintaining techniques of natural area such as the dry stone foundation and a compact architecture with minimal openings.

The view from the house is stunning, with the usage of wide glass sightings and with also expanded, open spaces.

Interior partitions called‘horizontal partitions’ serve as dividers that break up the large open space into two separate homes. While dry stone structure is a integrity to the old buildings, the roof is utterly modern, created a large opening to allow natural light to flow into the ground level living and dining areas.

The asymmetrical ‘V’ shaped roof and the ground level building are looking like they are carved in to the mountains and brings the house a perfectly balanced feeling between the classical and modern.

Photography by: Santiago Garcés

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