The O-House

The office known as Philippe Stuebi Architects GMBH based in Zurich, is a practice which has proven exactly that. Founded in 1996 by Philippe Stuebi himself, the prime focus of the firm was to create a‘networked architecture’ linking lifestyle, ecology& economics with the finest interior detailing. On both the front and lake side, this sculptural villa is clad with a very expensive ornamental façade. Facing Mount Pilatus, the white concrete elements are dotted with circular openings that allow glimpses of the lounge, the guest tract, the staircase accessing through one of the openings on the ground floor and the two- levelled orangery with its exotic plants. Even though the complete surrounding façade is solid, the outside is brought in throughout the interior mainly through these surrounding plants. Through the glazed openings, it is almost as though all this greenery is outside reflected on to the circular motifs.


Please visit project’s gallery for more images.

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