The Persuit of Pleasure

If there is a limit of customer satisfaction, the only achievement for Art of Kinetik would be to limit it once again! With the motivation of the philosophy which gives the name of their latest model, the 19 meter “Hedonist” is the new representative of patience and discipline with her 3 800 hp MAN R6-800 motors, 12″max persons on board” capacity, 33 knots of cruising speed on the seven seas!


For Art of Kinetik, balance and elegance form the core of their philosophy. And for them, exotic exteriors matched only by their sumptuous interiors. The same cutting-edge software used in the aerospace and automotive industries shapes their yachts by the help of their in-house team of naval architects and engineers who are pioneers in their field. Premium-grade African mahogany, Burmese teak and American dark walnut arrive at their shipyard -having been hydrothermically treated in Germany to enhance their durability and lifespan. A team of master carpenters then combine CNC machining with classic hand-tooled techniques to craft every single component. They select only the finest quality leathers and marine-grade materials to upholster the sumptuous interiors and lavish outdoor areas. Not even a single imperfection, scuff or blemish is tolerated. The surface finishing is done by sanding by hand and they give a promise over 12,000 man hours to sanding process to ensure the customer that he will be “Hedonized”. Plus, masochistic in their devotion, their craftsmen know this creates the ideal base for 18 layers of varnish, polished to a high-gloss sheen only seen on the finest pieces of furniture.

Art of Kinetik is one of the toughest manufacturers who has an obbsession of quality testing. Defining the process as “Ruthless”, they have a testing process which is from each rivet to the final structure. They also tell us that”After extensive evaluation on land and gruelling trials at sea our motor yachts are finally delivered, with nothing left to test except your delight!”

Wet and beautiful. It seems that they are fully aware about the treatment like what they want to be treated!

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