The Pink Snail: “TUSCAN”

Tuscan Valley Houses in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul is the first project ofEmaar Turkey in Turkey and the newest project in Istanbul, which is based on slow-city concept. The architecture of the project has been undertaken byAE Architecture managed by architect Ahmet Erdinç from Turkey and the architecture companyJZMK California from USA. Dolce Vita Fitness Center and Recreation areas inspired by Tuscany region of Italy are based on 16.000m² and were designed by the architect Mahmut Anlar fromGeomim Architecture. Emaar Turkey has also built the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa and the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai Mall.

With the investment cost of 700 million dollars, Tuscan Valley Houses are built on 1.7 million m² in Büyükçekmece, one of the fast-growing districts of Istanbul. The project is constructed in 4 stages and includes 540 residences in 12 different types of house such as luxury villas, semi-detached villas and Tuscan-like garden apartment. The first phase was completed and delivered in mid-2009, and the second phase will be completed at the end of 2011. The project serves as an example of slow-life concept.

“Pink Snails Exhibition”, started by”Cracking Art Group” in 1993 in Milano to draw attention to concepts such as”sustainability in architecture”, to question the fast and consumption-focused life that the new world order brought about, to show that the city can be re-organized and to support the”Cittslow” movement which was begun in Italy, meaning”Slow city” named after a mixture of English and Italian words, is the longest running and the largest street exhibition focused on ecology in the world.This adventure which Cracking Art Group of 6 artists gave a start in Milan has been praised in many countries such as France, Belgium, Czech Republic and USA.The project set out in Milan in November 2009, will end with”Expo Universale” by returning to Milan in 2015 after many national and international stages including Turkey. Emaar Turkey has joined the project with the slogan of”Slow Life in Tuscan”. The project draws attention to many facts of the Tuscan Valley Houses with”Pink Snails”: the project included a city planning that protects the environment by maximum efforts, authenticity and antiquity took fundamental place and latest technology developments are used at the optimum level in houses.

Huge pink snails which Emaar Turkey located in various places of Istanbul to introduce the slow city concept of Tuscan Valley and raise awareness were exhibited in Bebek Park, Nişantaşı, Bağdat Caddesi and Yeşilköy. Now on June 29, they will be moved to Bahçeşehir and on July 5, they will be brought back to home, Tuscan Valley.


Room Options  : 5 +1, 6 +1, 7 +1
Square Metre Range  : 395 m2 – 940 m2
Delivery Date  : 2. phase on the last quarter of 2011
Number of Residences  : 540
Total Project Area  : 1700000 m2
Garden Meter Square Range  : 800 m2 – 2300 m2
Sum of the Common Areas and Gardens  : 800 m2 – 2300 m2

* On their web site, you can have detailed information about the Cracking Art Group which takes place in many prestigious exhibition in Italy and other

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