The Placa Lamp by Gonçalo Campos

Designes of the young Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos affected me somehow and I mentioned about him for severel times in Architecture Of Life. We loved the simple melting forms of the decender he designed and we had subjected it in the glass file and we also loved the table he designed while in Fabrica for Chez Fabrica exhibition.

Now, Portuguese designerGonçalo Campos has sent us the Placa Lamp;

Description from the designer:

Lamp shades simply placed in a wooden board. But the imapact that such a simple premise brings is unexpected. Besides creating a“stage” for placing other objects of interest, (effectively turning into a plinth) it provides room for the relationship between its elements to develop. The lamps point towards the other essential element in this composition, the switch, creating a special dynamic between all of the elements. The switch is also placed on the wooden board instead of in the cord, making it a part of the lamp, and not just an appendix. A lamp that despite it’s simplicity boasts character and highlights it’s structure and materials. Keeping this lamp to the very minimum, a base, a lampshade and a switch, makes it all the more impressive. The base of this lamp is made in solid ash wood and the lampshade in black velvet.

Available in 1, 2 or 3 lampshade versions. Dimensions: 55x100x35cm

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