The Plant Blooming On The Day It Dies

We wanted to prepare an article, which can be a little bit dramatic for a brilliant and high energy day.

Who knows, a little bit romantic…

How many surprises that the nature has in which there are colorful blossoms, sweet birds and breezes making strong sunlight lovely for us! A plant, for instance, is full of life when it blooms, isn’t it? But it is interesting that a plant blooms on the day it dies… The agave (usiing for producing tequila) is a monocarpic species: it blooms only once, releasing a single, swollen shoot of its existence when it reaches maturity and becomes an adult. Then it dies. It is amazing that theintoxicating fire drink is produced from this romantic plant, isn’t it?

We wanted to share this interesting plant that we encountered at The Harlow with you. You can share this romantic period with your loved one..

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