The Rain Shows The Art!

Rainy days, the clouds hiding the sun and cool winds are moody for most of us. The raindrops are the things pouring on our dreams, growing our sorrow and the things making us wait the sunny weathers hopefully.

But we are very proud to present you a very interesting work of an artrist trying to bring a new and enjoyable perspective to rainy days for the people who are trying to keep their hair and dresses dry, not to hit the others because of the umbrellas they take and who are moody or angry because of that weather.

The works include humorous images from a frog, a fish hurrying for the work, hopscotch, raindrops, note symbols and an octopus to the funny and enjoyable writings appearing when it rains. They try to giye us a very positive and cheerful message: “It is not very bad to walk under rain”. Smile on rainy days! We liked these works very much and hope you will like them, too.


Artists: Peregrine Church, Xack Fischer, Forest Tressider

Images: Rainworks

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