The Rock ‘n’ Roll Birds

French musician and composer Céleste Boursier-Mougenot creates sonic works based on the sounds of everyday life in order to produce music that is utterly unexpected. For the record, Boursier-Mougenot is not an ordinary artist. He is a music devotee who believes in the visual potential of music and his sonic installations are a study into how we perceive, create and interact with music. Moreover, his work is an exploration of the way music (and sound in general) defines space whilst being defined by it. His latest work, ”From here to ear (version 15)”, is being shown at the HangarBicocca gallery’s Cube in Milan (October 6th-December 4th, 2011), a spectacular continuation of his widely acclaimed exhibition at the Barbican Art Centre during the spring of 2010. Inspired by his previous use of electric guitars and zebra finches, Céleste presents a new set up, this time adding percussion as well, where birds are the only protagonists. Like a tribe of experimental musicians, and without even being aware of it, the birds create some wonderful audio pieces, simply by flying around and eating the seeds that are placed on the instruments.


Please visit project’s gallery for more images.

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