The Sweetest Escape;Desserts With Ice-Cream

Ice-Cream is the favourite desserts for all of us. It is a rescuer on scorching days, a happiness ball for feeling a little bit cool. It is possible to swallow it as soon as taking from the freezer and it is very enjoyable to prepare it with another delicious recipes. Double your happiness!

Here are three recipes for you; they are easy to prepare, incredibly delicious to eat and very nice to look at. We highly recommend you try these recipes which combine the best desserts with ice cream before the summer ends.

1- Ice-Cream Sandwiches With Banana and Caramel


It is very easy to prepare and very delicious these sandwiches. You can also customize them according to your taste. You can make and decorate them with your favourite biscuits, fruit and sauces.

8 chocolate biscuits
4 ice-cream balls
1 banana
4 spoons of caramel sauce
25 gram grated chocolate

Put the sliced bananas on the 4 chocolate biscuits and then put the ice cream on the banana slices. You can wait for a few minutes to make it easier; remove the ice-cream and wait. After putting the ice-cream, pour the caramel sauce on the ice-cream. Put the other 4 biscuits and make your sandwich. You can decorate it with the grated chocolate or nuts.

Recipe: Carte D’or

2- Chocolate Feast With Ice-Cream


2 packets of chocolate biscuits
4 spoons of melted margarine
4 vanilla, 4 chocolate, 4 dark chocolate ice-cream balls

After grinding the chocolate biscuits with margarine in a food processor well, put the dough in a pie mold and put it into the freezer for 20 minutes. When it is hard enough, you can pour some chocolate sauce on it. Set the ice-cream balls on the pie and decorate it!
(P.S.: If you want to slice it easily, you can heat the knife in boiling water and dry it with tissue.)

Recipe: Pudra

3- Grilled Pineapple With Ice-Cream


Sometimes, the most delicious recipes are the easiest ones, aren’t they?

Pineapple slices
Vanilla ice-cream

You can grill the pineapple after a barbecue party by wrapping the sliceswith aluminum foil. You can grill them in toast machine in the same way. Put the ice-cream on warm slices and enjoy your dessert!


“Life is ice-cream. Enyot it before it melts” (Black)

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