The Taste of IST in Milan


sine qua non of the design world, the Milan Design Week now welcomes a group of Turkish designers on April 2012. With a vast range of products such as furniture, lightening, package design, haute couture etc. The Taste of IST project is a collaboration of designers from Istanbul and it can be seen on the Tortone zone in Milan Design Week 2012 from 16th to 22nd of April!

As a leading capital of culture for all these ages, Istanbul always set the limits of designing to an upper level with her wide opened arms. And now, with this project, the designers build an exhibition under the discipline of unite as one.

Featured with an exclusive introductory video of Occupational Organization of Turkish Industrial Designers (ETMK) to present the current situation of the Turkish industrial design sector, these united 20 designers from Istanbul will prove their presence in this world with their designs:

Akın Nalça (Exhibition units Planner/ Terminal Design),
Ege Kutay & Tunçin Üner (Fashion design),
Esin Tosunoğlu (Office Units with silhouettes of Istanbul/ Bürotime),
Gamze Güven (Olive Oil Bottle/ TasarımÜssü),
Gökhan Akyüz (Furniture),
Merve Doruk (iPad cover),
Reyhan Uras & Deniz Türkeri (Crazy Bow-ties/ Mimoco),
Murat Akçay (Multi functional baby’s room furniture/ M Desing),
Nagehan Kılıçarslan (Aşk’ın Nefesi – a glass Ney/ GLOBO),
Efecan Gürgüz & Onur Besen (Wooden Chair/Naif Tasarım),
Nursema Öztürk (trilyonlarca biçim alan kitaplık),
Orhan Irmak (A sustainable box/ ambalaj),
Sami Savatlı (Chair designs with various silhouettes),
Seda Kilimcigöldelioğlu (Waves of Istanbul/ ECA),
Şule Koç (A touch-light),
Tamer Nakışçı (An extraordinary carpet),
Tanya Ildıroğlu (Tray with a touch of Istanbul),
Türkü Şahin (Fashion design)

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