The Water Museum

With scarce water resources and a water crisis, architect Juan Domingo Santos, was commissioned by theLanjarón Town Council to create a Water Museum that will act as an ambassador for water, its protection and our children’s future access to clean and ample water. Their purpose was to create a‘clearinghouse’ for all water related themes and to do it in an entertaining and accessible fashion that engages as wide an audience as possible bringing joy and wonder to peoples’ lives. With an aim to educate the public about how precious water actually is; this was the purpose of the Water Museum in the Lanjarón municipality of Granada, Spain. Located in a breathtaking spot at the foot of the southern Sierra Nevada range in Granada, the Water Museum had to be completed on a limited budget; Juan Domingo Santos incorporated many of the site’s existing natural features, materials and buildings into its exciting design.


Please visit project’s gallery for more images.

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