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During the nervous pregnancy period of nine months, the most delighting part is surely preparing the baby room. Endless options and colourful ideas for the preparation of a cheerful room for the newest and most important individual of the household have a great role on realizing your precious plans you’ve been dreaming for nine months.

The colour selection of your baby’s first room where her/his character and future is going to be shaped step by step, is one of the important details to be emphasised. Generally, selection of soft tones is really helpful for your child’s development and regular sleep routione. Pastel colours such as blue, pink, yellow and white are ideal colours providing soft transitions for a baby room; these colours also have a relaxing effect and they reflect color-light relationship positively. In addition to this, you should pay attention to usage of antibacterial and odor-less water-based paint rather than oil-paint in your baby’s room.


The less risky and ideal is to use pastoral tones together. Soft tones of blue and Lilac is one of the most prefered colours in babies bedrooms because of its calming effect. Lilac is associated with feminine, spiritual matters as it simulates the misty area between the sky and heaven.

Blue is associated with Soothing and calming, loyalty, serenity, authority, protection, contemplative, prevents nightmares, promotes intellectual thought and is believed to keep hunger at bay.

Depending of the natural light in the room, Blue can look cold and therefore be unwelcoming. To prevent this make sure you choose a blue with a warm undertone such as oceanic turquoise or shades of wispy clouds.


Above bright colors are sprinkled into the white bedroom in a fairy expression. It’s true that the bright colors attract babies attention. But if you are planning to use the bright vivid colors in your babies room try to use them in small surfaces.

Above, a soft tone of green is prefered. Calming effect of Green promotes feelings of well-being and harmony, nature, security, stability and balance.


The most important point of choosing the room is that the room should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Moreover it should be safe and away from any risk. Begin with deciding which room is the most suitable for your baby. Don’t prefer the North side rooms, because the North side will be humid and cold. The room temperature is also one of the main concerns.

The age of 3 and up is a period when the kid leaves behind her/his babyhood, and her/his develpoment speeds up. It is the most important period she/he begins to discover things about her/himself. At this age group, talents and fields of interest start to become clear slowly. The most important point of child room decoration is to provide the playground for them. To accomplish this well, shape the room according to their wishes and interests: an appealing room for your adventurer boy or a room full of colourful dolls for your girl open to learn more.

A child room arranged in the right way is the most significant factor for emerging child’s creativity. Your child’s imagination is endless, so she/ he can give different roles and functions to her/his room furniture at times. For instance, she/he may turn the underside of her/his bed to a toy shop or a puppet theater. With a small tent above her/his bed, she/he may imagine her/himself one of the populer characters in the Star Track movie. Becuse of this, every little detail from the furniture selection to the room colour, is a way to open new horizons.



White and the natural colors of wood are always perfect for a fresh look…

And you can crown your childrens room with the iconic designs such as this Eames Elephant chair!



Or with Magis Mee Too, Julian children’s chair, designed by Javier Mariscal…


We also loved the Javier Mariscal designMagis Mee Too, Alma children’s chair which you can purchase from Connox design shop.

Stickers are quite popular today. Those funny and beautiful wall stickers can easily help you decorating your childrens room. You may want to be a child again when you see thee-glue wall stickers.



Vinyluse is another the Italian company that produces many different wall stickers that are high quality.


The number of companies which have practical solutions with advanced mechanisms for teenage rooms is increasings day by day.

Italian brandCIA Internationalis now available atci-sssa Mobilya . We recommend you to visit the store on Bagdat Street before deciding to renew rooms.



Here are some e-stores for you to have a look at;

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