Thonet Bike

In 1830, Michael Thonet began experimenting with a brand new process of furniture production which what was soon to be known as “bentwood” technique. Since then, Thonet and his sons are still producing this furniture on an industrial scale. Also to prove their success on that, they do act on some extraordinary projects.

For example, The Thonet Bike…


With a collaboration of the techniques of Thonet and London-based industrial designer Andy Martin, they finally developed a concept road bicycle as a proof of their design and steam bending process limits. Thonet Bike is constructed using beech wood and the frame of the bike adjusted with a CNC machine. It looks like, feels like, and actually IS simple. Even it has no brakes!

Let’s have a look!

AOL_Thonet_Andy_Martin_03 AOL_Thonet_Andy_Martin_04 AOL_Thonet_Andy_Martin_05

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