Thumbs’n Ammo

If you take a look to a list of countries by guns per capita (number of privately owned small firearms divided by number of residents), you will face the fact that each ‘developed country’ has a serious place and rank of its own. For instance, but not coincidence, USA owns the 1st rank with 89,0 in ‘guns per 100 resients’ list. But there is still hope…

Thumbs and Ammo is a simple blog with a meaningful purpose. All around the globe, the subscribers send them some movie stills have had their violent content (especially guns) removed with a positive thumbs-up!

As they say:
Real tough guys don’t need guns,
they just need a positive, can-do attitude!

Let’s take a look!

AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_01 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_02 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_03 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_04 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_05 BOB PENN AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_07 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_08 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_09 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_10 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_11 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_12 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_13 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_14 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_15 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_16 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_17 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_18 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_19 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_20 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_21 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_22 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_23 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_24 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_25 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_26 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_27 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_28 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_29 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_30 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_31 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_32 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_33 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_34 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_35 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_36 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_37 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_38 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_39 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_40 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_41 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_42 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_43 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_44 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_45 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_46 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_47 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_48 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_49 AOL_Thumbs'n_Ammo_50

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