Together We All Shine Brighter

The crisis in Somalia demands our action and creativity.‘I am a Star’ is built on a solid foundation of trust and collaboration.

Project partners are American Refugee Committee  and Neighbor Initiatives; also this project has been supported by Somalian singer KNAAN , TV Series 4Real , international design and innovation consultancy IDEO  with a 15-person team, includes a designer from Turkey, named Engin Kapkın. In addition, software company Pivotal Labs , application firm Heraku  and an activist team Music for Relief, includes artists, singers, music professionals…etc.


‘I am a Star’ is rooted in the Somali Diaspora Communities’ leadership and passion for change and the American Refugee Committee’s experience and expertise, and it makes room for the solidarity and creativity of motivated people everywhere.
This movement began with Neighbors Initiative, a program to empower members of the Minnesota Somali Diaspora to create their own campaigns to unite and mobilize people to provide desperately needed humanitarian relief in Somalia.

The I Am A Star campaign is a grassroots platform to take action, connect with others and support and be inspired by our global neighbors.

To shine brighter, join in solidarity with the Somali community to provide urgent famine relief. You could choose your system of support through the web site. Even, you could advise a new system as your help way…


You could wash a car for Somalia,


or buy a t-shirt online

Real Impact…

6,163 volunteers and advocates supporting the Somali Famine relief effort with American Refugee Committee.

34 weeks American Refugee Committee has been in Mogadishu fighting Famine.

100,000+ people are now able to access clean water and sanitation throughout Mogadishu.

6,000 people who’ve been distributed emergency food and supplies in Mogadishu by American Refugee.

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