Toothbrush with Power Fountain: Rinser Brush

Just a single idea, then hours of brain-storming and lots of trial-error, and at last, a final touch to that single idea… As a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award, this single idea, the RinserBrush comes with two major features.

First, every RinserBrush uses GreenerStep Snap Replacement Heads! You can pop out the old bristle section and pop in a new one so your RinserBrush will last a long time, not only a couple of months! And the second one, the real deal, is its design! The original toothbrush features a tunnel in its handle that allows water to flow like a fountain! From now on, you do not need any disposable cups to buy or throw away or a glass to wash or take up counter space.

All you have to do is just aiming the fountain where you want the water to be!

When thisScott Amron design are on their place on the market, we will meet on this page again!

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