Tornado Proof House by 10 Design

10 Design is developing a concept house project, specifically to protect people and their establishments from tornados with the design team of Ted Givens, Trey Tyler, Mohamad Ghamlouch, Shane Dale, Dougald Fountain. Know that the first prototype of the project is currently in development.

A system of hydraulic levers is designed to push the kinetic and technological structure up and down, out of a sunken dock beneath the ground, when needed.

Photovoltaic cells on the exterior provides the energy to power the mechanisms, maybe even harvest its own fuel from pollution in the air as an alternative source of energy to use.

After the house is secured for safety, a watertight seal is designed to protect it from intense winds and thunderstorms.

10 Design envision entire communities of the houses, where any residence can sound an alarm to warn others of approaching tornados.

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