Tour végétale de Nantes by Edouard François

This operation situated in the future eco-neighborhoods, Prairie-au-Duc, in Nantes, is unique in particular because of its height. Its main challenge is to (re) create the desire to live in tall buildings, in a remarkable setting in the heart of the town.

This mixt project consists of a base of shops and parking, on which is placed in a black rubber cube of offices and a housing tower of 17 storey (60m).

The tower consists of a main body ringed by elliptic balconies. The balconies vary from floor to floor to form a giant organic silhouette.

The tower is the support for a collection of chasmophites plants coming from the collections of the botabical  gardens of Nantes. These plants have been collected by scientists from the whole world and frozen. The building will show the plant collection of the city.

The originality of the plantation is to grow in long stainless steel tubes (diameter 12cm/ length: 4meters ). These tubes recreate the natural conditions of the chasmpophite plants that grow in rocky mountain flaws. A scientific experiment is currently underway for over a year in the botanical gardens of Nantes, to test the viability of the plantation process. The result of this experimentation shows that the growth of plants is exceptional for a very low water consumption.

The impact of the tubes on the balconies is minimal. On the other hand on the facades, they form vertical dynamic lines.

NAN- schémas volumétrie
Volumetric schemes

N:AAgenceNANtes�1_PLANSPC2110216 - NAN - PC2 - PLANS DE SIT
Site plan

N:AAgenceNANtes�1_PLANSPC2110216 - NAN - PC2 - PLANS DE SIT
Plan of the volumes

* Images courtesy of Edouard François.

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