Travel from a Scratch!

Isn’t it so mainstream to use Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter or another social media slave to show off where you’ve been? OK, it was not a bad idea to use a world map and lots of pushpins and such but let’s put another step forward… Let’s take a look for this wall map created from the same scratchable stuff of lottery tickets. All you have to do after your fabulous travel is to simply scratch off the gold foil where you’ve been on the map to reveal the color underneath. It also can be a great gift for a world traveler!



This super massive wall map is approximately 58.2cm (23”) high, and 81.9cm (32”) wide. It has gold foil layer that is ready to scratch off to show where you’ve been. It reveals facts and city details of certain countries and comes neatly in its own cardboard tube!

Check out our picture gallery for more details!



Bon voyage!

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