“Tre” Reading Environment

Some addictions are good, very good. Like love of reading books. According to bookworms, reading is not a space time activity but a daily routine. It is not an activity during journeys. Reading love is sitting on a bench in a park and hugging the book in place of walking around on a sunny day.

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We have found a reading environment for those who love reading very much. It is so elegant and functional that… “Tre” reding environment was designed by Roee Magdassi. The collection containing an armchair, a side table and a reading lamp has an interesting story at the same time.

Does furniture have a personality?

Roee chose to create a reading environment to figure it out.

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Heexplored the morphology of animals- a world which each individual has its own different and unique character, behavior and appearance. At the end, he realized that they all have a broad common ground, in the fields of vision and conception.

Then, he applied a process of abstraction and reduction of animal figures, until they almost vanished, leaving only the being, expressed by a few strokes or a single color stain.

From that moment on, the furniture receded from the original animal appearance. It switched proportions, compositions and power relations until a new identity was born.

From now on, this collection with its elegance, design process and its story is one of our favourites. Hope you will like, too.

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Images: R.Magdassi

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