Trojan Museum Project by Yalin Architecture

Trojan Museum Project designed by Yalın Architecture Office will open a window to a period and civilization of legends which went through fires, wars and destructions; re-built again and again, plundered, and almost destroyed…

The project which has won the Trojan Museum Project competition in recent months was designed to provide visitors with the best experience of a world much beyond the perceived world with its historical bounds and stories. The museum aims to arouse a feeling beyond an architectural structure by looking back a civilization from today; it draws the guests into the story by separating them from the physical environment and then links them back to the real world.

Keeping all support elements on a floor below the ground, the structure is covered with landscape so that it won’t be seen from the ground; it is perceived as a robust, square object in size of 32x32m. Workshops, storage rooms, entrance, ateliers, conference halls and technical rooms are aligned around this square-planned exhibition structure. All around the structure is revolving a circulation band which connects and disconnects support elements. This circulation band lets visitors to perceive the exhibition structure and its partial content during other activities. With its current state, the museum complex stands like a giant archaeological finding rising from a slot on the ground.


Visitors enter the structure by walking down over a ramp. They approach the building on the horizon, the landscape and ground disappears slowly, there remains only the sky and structure. When visitors step in, they find themselves on a circulation band. Rust-red, earth color exhibition structure rises from the roof towards the ground. Rusted metal-coated structure seems scratched and broken like unearthed jugs and pots. It reminds us its history with the unique texture. Although they don’t belong to that period, the history of the material and architecture makes us feel that it says somethings related to the relation between today and future.

The earth wraps the ramp on three sides and hangs 2.5m high above the ground. It invites visitors to the ramp and exhibition. The circulation band on the ground floor is surrounded by support elements. Conference hall, shops, ateliers, workshops and offices… Circulation band gives access to the exhibition structure and other rooms. When you began going up with ramps, geography, fields and ruins of Troy will be visible through the cracks on walls. On the roof is a huge view terrace. You will dream of the history and today of Troy; what lives was spent and what lives will be born here…

ÖMER SELÇUK BAZ (Architect, Uludağ University)
OKAN BAL (City planner– METU)
MELEK KILINÇ (Architect– Mimar Sinan University)
ECEÖZDÜR (Architect– Mimar Sinan University)
OZAN ELTER (Architect– Mimar Sinan University)

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