Tropical Island – In The Middle Of Europe

Not all tropical paradises are a long-haul flight away– there is one in the heart of Europe. Tropical Islands is Europe’s largest tropical holiday experience. It has tropical forests, a huge spa, indoor swimming pool (approximately 4 times of an olympic swimming pool size) and water park.


The dimensions are gigantic: the Tropical Island hall is 360 m long, 210 m wide and 107 m tall. The Statue of Liberty could stand inside it, the Eiffel Tower could lie across it and eight football fields could fit inside the grounds.


The imposing hall was originally built as an airship hangar. For that purpose, the building was a perfect fit.

Air temperature: 26°C
Humidit: 40-60%
Dome capacity (persons): 6,000
Plants: approx. 50,000

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