Tully’s Coffee by Doyle Collection

Tully’s Coffee in Remm Kagoshima, Japan is designed by Aiji Inoue of Doyle Collection. The place is located on the first floor of the high-grade hotel built in the typical shopping quarter “Tenmonkan” in Kagoshima.

The place is designed to serve and support large number of costumers as possible. The good smell from the bakery and the fresh baked bread brought new added value not only to the hotel guests’ breakfast supports but also to all-time visitors who use Tully’s coffee shop daily.

The designers carefully considered the main functions and operations of the comparable Tully’s shop. The bakery is designed and reconstructed as a unit.

The shop is on the extension of the comparable Tully’s shop but highly upgraded. The design portrayed with light taste and comfortable lighting productions to suit the needs of the café business conditions.

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