Two Siblings One Heart

Great photographs of twins which seem different and interesting to us although it is very natural…

You will see that it is not very difficult to distinguish the twins if you look at these photographs-by Martin Schoeller- carefully…

Marta and Emma want to go to the same university and they both want to be opera singers.


These are Ramon and Eurides, the twins whose mother gave name braceletes so she wouldn’t get confused and feed the same child twice.


When Loretta was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, she asked if Lorainne (she was with her) should be checked as well in the doctor’s office The doctor discovered that Lorraine also had breast cancer. After receiving treatment, the sisters are both in good health.


Emily and Kate get along  well and have a psychic shopping bond. Their mom sometimes takes them to the mall on separate occasions, they typically want to buy the same clothes.


Johanna puts her hand on her sister Eva’s shoulder in a protective way… The twins are suffering from mild autism because of a disorder linked to genetic inheritance.

Images: National Geographic

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