UNESCO Marine and World Heritage Centre

Najjar& Najjar Architects

Wachou, Australia

Manfred Seidl


Description from the Njjar& Najjar Architects;

The design includes a new shipping pier and a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. A large roof spans the area like a wing and connects the elements.

A new place of articulation assumes a shape, creates strong connections between river and city, between landscape and urbanism. The large gate forms the frame for different encounter possibilities, whether cultural, culinary or interpersonal.


The Zone of communication of the World Heritage Centre is located at the areas Westside; it guides the visitor in a literary and also in a visual way into the culture of the region. 6 lines of illuminated screens offer the possibility to represent the”Wachau”. An inviting outside staircase leads the visitors from the promenade to the”Gate of the Wachau”.

To see more photographs take a look at our gallery;

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