Urban Cubes by KLab architecture

Greek practice KLab architecture have designed the Urban Cubes apartment project in Pagkrati, Athens, Greece.

The project was inspired by an ancient civilisation’s, Cyclades’s “Chora” – the main village used to be mainly on a hill or a mountain in order to be protected from the pirates that were ruling the seas in the past centuries.

The white cubes are built on top of each other allowing ventilation and sun to access every part of the house.

In “Urban Cubes” each floor reflects this individuality as one floor differs from another but lies under the same society rules, all in all being signified by a white cantilevered cube hung by the retaining exposed concrete walls.

The different units are manifested on the façade as cubes that protrude from the building’s surface as a way to give a sculptural sophistication to the project that uses the city’s typology in a new manner.

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