Vaulted Cork Pavillion

The Vaulted Cork Pavillion was built for Amorim Isolamentos Lda., to demonstrate its cork building materials at Concreta 2013, a biennial building fair held at Exponor,Porto.

This architecture and research project was developed by Pedro de Azambuja Varela, Maria João de Oliveira and Emmanuel Novo, who were sponsored by Amorim Isolamentos Lda. while studying in the Digital Architecture Advanced Studies Course (CEAAD)
This construction started out as challenge to materialize concepts and investigation developed within CEAAD 2012/2013.

Inside the space one has the feeling of being inside another environment because of the Cork characteristics with smooth walls and floor.
All the blocks were labelled with a meaningful system, easing the work of the Amorim Isolamentos Lda. team.


Name of the project: Vaulted Cork Pavillion
Architecture: Pedro de Azambuja Varela, Maria João de Oliveira and Emmanuel, Novo
Coordination: Alexandra Paio and José Pedro Sousa
Location: Concreta 2013 biennial fair, Porto – Portugal
Main material: Cork
Sponsor: Amorim Isolamentos Lda
Photography: Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography

JM_StandAmorim_009 JM_StandAmorim_025 JM_StandAmorim_024 JM_StandAmorim_023 JM_StandAmorim_022 JM_StandAmorim_019 JM_StandAmorim_015 JM_StandAmorim_014 JM_StandAmorim_012 JM_StandAmorim_010 JM_StandAmorim_007 JM_StandAmorim_006 JM_StandAmorim_005 JM_StandAmorim_004 JM_StandAmorim_003 JM_StandAmorim_002 JM_StandAmorim_001

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