Velodrome by Hopkins Architects

London based office Hopkins Architects have designed the Velodrome, which is one of the five permanent venues on the Olympic Park for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The design concept of the Velodrome cycling venue is inspired by a bicycle. Velodrome’s design is lightweight and efficient to reflect the efficient design of a bicycle. The distinct Velodrome roof has been composed to reflect the geometry of the cycling track, using a very lightweight double curving cable net structure.

The steel-framed structure sits on a 360 degree glazed concourse at entry level. The external sides of the Velodrome are clad in a striking Western Red Cedar timber to draw a parallel with the timber track inside the venue, with little apertures to allow for natural ventilation.

The use of abundant daylight through strategically positioned rooflights reduces need for artificial lighting. Water saving fittings and collection of rainwater for reuse in building are built into design to help reduce water consumption. Lightweight cable-net roof structure weighs 30kg/m2 compared to 65kg/m2 for the Beijing Velodrome, helping create a highly efficient building.

With the 6,000 seats capacity, The London 2012 Velodrome is hosting the Olympic and Paralympic indoor cycling events and also includes changing rooms, retail facilities, workshop and a viewing concourse.

Photography credits: Richard Davies, David Poultney, Anthony Charlton, Hopkins Architects.

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