Villa Solaire by JKA and Fuga

French architectural firms Jérémie Kœmpgen Architecture and Fuga have designed the Villa Solaire.

6,674 square foot contemporary home is a conversion of an old farm house from 1840 and is completed in 2012. It is located in Morzine, France.

Located in the historic district of Pied de La Plagne, in the village of Morzine (French Alps), this ancient farmhouse was singled out by the municipality as a landmark for traditional 19th century local architecture.

Revisiting traditional techniques, architecture firm Jérémie Kœmpgen Architecture has converted it into a luxurious and elegant rental villa.

Each of four independent unit forms a suite with sleeping area and amenities and the remaining space is occupied by a succession of stacked floors at different levels in the framework. This continuum of generous space welcomes the activities shared by the inhabitants, such cooking, dining, socialising or warming up around the fire.

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