Viva la vida

For any reason whatsoever, whoever has used a wheelchair surely knows that a wheelchair has lots of disadvantages of maneuverability for some reasons such as the interior or the exterior designs of the living places even in 2012!

For parrying those attacks, a German designer team has a great idea named the “Neo Modularer Aktivrollstuhl” and it struggles for gathering the great James Dyson Award -that will be given on November 8th.


This “New Modular Wheelchair” comes with innovative features. One of them is the easy-to-remove front part. With this feature, the user can use the Neo for both indoor and outdoor activities whenever s/he wants. Also, now it is unnecessary to buy a specially designed wheelchair for the sports!

One of the other advantage of Neo is for the backpack issue. Backpacks are usually mounted on the backrest. A filling or emptying is almost impossible because it is difficult to remove it. Neo comes with a mounted backpack which can only be taken by the user him/herself. Only the users themselves can release the bag with a mechanism that located between the legs. On the integrated handle the bag can easily transported to the front. The zipper is hidden in the hung state that thiefs can’t steal something from behind. The bag could be re-attached to the back of the chair using magnetic closure with the trigger mechanism. Speaking of which, the back side of this backpack is also an integrated table!

For the development of the project, the group has made market researches, large-scale worldwide survey on Facebook, 1-year stay in a school for disabled children, sketches, previous models, the prototypes were also tested on volunteers.

Maybe this project will not be awarded on August, but that’s OK! The important thing is extremely simple:
One day, someone will give life to their idea and on that day, they will win!

Viva la vida!

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